Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt


At The Salt Grotto, located in Brandon, minutes from Tampa, Florida, we offer Himalayan Pink Salt Therapy as an alternative natural remedy for respiratory problems. We have a method of inhalation of the purest grade of salt in a day spa-like environment surrounded by crystals of native and authentic Himalayan pink salt. As we are increasingly exposed to pollutants in the air that we breathe, it is no surprise that respiratory and some skin conditions are on the rise.

People who have experienced the many health benefits of natural healing solutions of alternative medicine like Himalayan Pink Salt first hand have turned towards these all-natural remedies. Our clients have been experiencing the fascinating results of Himalayan Salt Therapy and Salt Room Treatments at The Salt Grotto.

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The Salt Grotto


Salt can translate as salt and lung therapy!

Experience the art of caring


Bring your children to visit The Salt Grotto and allow them to take advantage of the beneficial effects of inhaling all-natural Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt while playing in our specially-designed Children’s Himalayan Salt Play Room. Salt therapy is a non-invasive, non-medical, drug and side effect free therapy. It can be beneficial for children who are suffering from allergies, nasal or bronchial inflammation, stuffiness, asthma and other respiratory disorders in a safe, relaxing, warm and FUN environment.

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