The Salt Grotto

24March 2016
Living Without Magazine

Breathe Easy: Salt therapy for asthma relief

A heavy, congested cough wracked Gina La Rosa’s small frame for several months each year starting at age 5. The cough kept her up at night, leaving her exhausted during the day and it made her self-conscious when she couldn’t stop the coughing fits that disrupted class in school.

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18OCTOBER 2016
Energy Times

The Skinny on Salt

What a reversal of fortunes for purveyors of salt. In its centuries-old history, salt was once such a valued commodity it was traded as currency over which fierce battles were fought.

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18OCTOBER 2016

Halotherapy: Is Salt Treatment For Real?

When it comes to salt, we at Healthland tend to focus on its dietary advantages and disadvantages. But it turns out that there’s a burgeoning new trend in salt consumption.

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